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Learn Photography or Photoshop from Certified Instructors, view our spacious studio and our commercial photographic works.

Studio 715 Portraits

The Studio portraits are taken in our nearly 3000 square foot, multi setting studio in downtown Tallahassee, FL  We are located near the corner of Railroad Avenue and Gaines Street, just two blocks south of the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center.


Studio 715


Of Course there is Satya’s Awakening in Low Key


Family Portraits

Children's Portraits

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Woman

Commercial Captures

Night Stalker in Low Key

Commercial-Etched Glass Work

Portrait of a Male in High Key

Portrait of a Male-After Artistic Rendering

Thinking inside the box!!

Mobile Vietnam Memorial Wall Reflected in Soldier's Memorial


2 Responses to “Studio 715 Portraits”

  1. I love the Night Stalker-what a great concept. Your Satya is beautiful-very graceful portrait. The infant is posed perfectly-love the hand placement.

    I am very excited about the Photoshop class-great teachers. I am sure the class will sell out very fast.

    • Thank you Kathy, we are looking forward to the classes. It will give people an opportunity to meet and greet other photographers and to hone their skills at the same time. Training is something that I have always enjoyed participating in, either as a student or an instructor.

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