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Nature Photos

Now Jim and I have been friends since about 1982 and we know each other all too well, we have been using Photoshop since the original version came out, I still have it on one of my laptops, which I can’t seem to get rid of for what ever reason.  He asked me to take a picture so he could prove to some friends from Indiana that anyone could get close enough to gators in the wild to photgraph them and not be in a gator farm or other captive situation.  So I did, then when I was up close and personal with the big gator who had since swallowed the armadillo he took my picture talking a picture of the gator.  We agreed to exchange fotos.

Well when he emailed me mine he said in the body of the email, “No edits, I swear.”  That was a clue to the trained suspious mind to closely inspect the foto he had sent.  Here is what he sent me.  He knows pay back is a serious delema.

What's wrong with this picture?

You can double click on the foto then zoom in and look closely at the gator’s tail.

Inflate here indeed...

We always joke that the rangers place fake gators all over the refuge for the tourists.  Revenge is always best when it is served cold, my friend…


Guess who I ran into while at St Mark’s Wildlife Refuge, yep that big ole gator.  Check out what he has in his mouth an Armadillo.

Up close and personal

Mac getting evidence that we can get that close to them


Today the gators were sunning themselves, the sun was warm and the water was cold.  A perfect formula for capturing gator fotos.


Fotos from a recent Sunday’s trip to St. Marks Wildlife Refuge with my wife, son, and grandson.  We came across this rather large 10-12 foot gator which I have fotographed before in almost the same spot.  Except this year he has gained a great deal of weight it is noticeable around his jowls.

Who knew what evil lurked, not very impressive from this angle...

Best angle available it was hidden by the brush from the front

My son Eric, who is also a photographer was clicking away at the same time, it was a miracle the gator waited as long as he did before he literally jumped into the water with one swift move.

Eric capturing the gator at dusk with a nearly full moon in the afternoon

The beauty of digital fotography you can examine what you captured immediately.  While keeping an eye to make sure your subject isn’t about to eat you.

Eric examines his capture notice his bent knees ready to spring back...

Okay enough of these two tourist, I'm out of here...later gator.

This is the same gator in almost the same extact spot Feb of 2007

Pedestrian In Camo

The beauty of St. Marks Wildlife Refuge is that there are all kinds of animal to encounter and as long as you stay in your blind for the most part they will not spook.  Your blind in most cases is your vehicle.  The next capture was of a deer as we were leaving the refuge near the entrance.

The Visitors station is about 100 feet to the left of this capture.

The sun was setting and the Grandson was setting and he had not eaten yet so we had to head home after a great day of family shooting in the refuge.

What would a trip to the St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge be without a picture of the Light House?

Sunrise at The St. Marks Light House in HDR

St Marks Light House at Dawn in HDR

St. Marks Light House from the viewing platform

St. Marks Light House from the edge of the lagoon

Day Break @ St. Marks Wildlife Refuge First Flight of the Day


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