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Rob Derwick’s Fineline Studio Glass Work

Rob Derwick just completed the new inventory which he will be exhibiting all this week at the Miami Boat Show.  Instead of inviting me to go with him, he made me stay home and work on the fotos of his new pieces.  So here are the new pieces and they are very unique mirrors, room partitions, sculptures and combination pieces.

Grouper Snapper Abstratct Mirror

Another abstract of various fish species

Abstract of a Tricolor Egret

Glass Top Wine Table and Mirror

Hogfish Mirror

Humming bird Mirror

Marlin and Ballyhoo 3D Mirror

Marlin Mirror

Sailfish Mirror

Tricolor Egret Mirror

Tuna Mirror

Wahoo Mirror

A different view of the Wine Table and Mirror

Glass Room Partition

Angel fish Mirror

If your are at the Miami Boat Show, don’t forget to stop by, talk to Rob and purchase one of these completely unique pieces of glass art.  And don’t forget to check the blog for the upcoming classes at the studio.  Wayne is teaching another class which will be a lot of fun with models, bring your camera.


Recently I was commissioned by a friend to do some commercial work for him.  Rob Derwick has been creating fine art cut glass and and mirrors for years.  His works have been displaced in upscale art galleries, on yachts, in art shows, boat shows, business and in private homes.  You can view more of his works on his web page at:  Most of the photos on his page were captures taken by Rob and me.

He is in the process of updating his web page and as we shoot the new photos we will post them both here on this blog and on his web page.  Here are the new works we photographed last week which are for sale from his web page.

Fineline Studio Glass 2010 Mirror Series

This is Rob Derwick's reflection on one of his tarpon mirrors.

Here a little information about the Derwick Family and their business

Robert C. Derwick
Began carving glass as an apprentice to the late Joan Hathaway (Joan of Art Studios, Hollywood, FL) at age 10. He learned and developed specialized techniques in carving glass. He also worked on residential and commercial projects including: Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Cruise Ships Robert formed Fine Line Studio Glass in 1985, in Miramar, FL and started creating and developing new techniques with hand carving, and airbrush painting with glass and mirrors. He developed ways of inlaying precious and semi-precious stones into the carvings. Robert relocated and moved the business to Tallahassee in 1997

Tammy Derwick:
Began designing logos, and working in graphic design at age 16. She worked in stage production and set design. Tammy worked in oil and acrylic painting, as well as multi-media pieces. She started designing furniture for major corporations and began working with Robert in 1991

They both grew up in Florida, boating, fishing and experiencing art and wildlife. The love of nature is visible in their glasswork.

The Derwick’s are involved in many Fishing Tournaments around the world, as well as Fine Art Shows and Boat Shows. They are also involved members of non-profit and conservation groups such as:
The Florida Wildlife Foundation
The Coastal Conservation association
The Organization For Artificial Reefs
International Gamefish Association
The Billfish Foundation
The FSU Autism Project

Our work is in exclusive homes, businesses, museums, galleries and public places throughout the world such as:
Florida State University Strozier Library
The Deering Estate Welcome Center
Bonefish Grill
Guy Harvey Restaurants
Mercedes-Knoxville Motors
The Fort Lauderdale Theatre of the Performing Arts
The Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale International Airport
The Tallahassee Airport
Restaurants and Hotels
Celebrity Homes and Yachts
Museums and Galleries
Commercial Buildings

Everything we do, from the early sketches to the finished product, is created by hand.
The process begins with Tammy Derwick creating a scale design in pencil which represents the finished product. This design is sent to the designer or client for approval. It is then drawn to the actual size of the finished piece. At this point Robert Derwick transfers the design onto glass, where he then hand cuts the artwork and carves it into the glass, creating a unique, functional piece of art.

We etch custom designs on glass room dividers, shower enclosures and mirrors. We can also etch the glass of table tops, corporate logo signs on glass and mirror, interior and exterior window panels, and glass sculptures from small table sculptures, to large 20’ tall pieces.

But the majority of our work is on front entry doors, which makes a lot of sense. When someone comes to your home, or even drives by, their eyes are naturally drawn to the front entry.  When someone has a beautiful custom home, why would they put a door on the front that anyone could have?
Our clients do not want doors and sidelites that anyone could choose out of a catalog, they want something creative, classy and unique.
That is why we take great pride in every one of the custom designs we create.

Bass in brackish water mirror

Blue Claw Crab

Shore Bird

Mama and Baby Manatee

Lone Upright Manatee

A Couple of bottlenose Dolphins

Palm Fronds and Banana Leaves

Brown Pelican

Lone Manatee Swimming

Redfish Foreging


Snook on the Hunt

Sea Turtle on the surface

Abstract Countours

Marlin & Frigate 3D Piece/Mirror on wood frame

Glass Marlin Trophy

Glass Marlin & Mahi 3D Sculpture

Mirror with 3D Mermaid Sculpture on Dark Wood Frame

Turtle on Wood Frame

Tarpon Door

Glass Turtle and Blue Crab Sculpture

3D Tarpon Cut Glass Sculpture Surfacing on Wood Framed Mirror

Cut Glass Abstract of Dolphins

Free Standing Wine Bottle Wall Mirror

Restaurant Cut Glass Room Partition

3D Mahi Fishing Tournament Trophy

Turtle Mirror Blue Background

Circular Wine Mirror blue background

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