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Our web Page Gallery has been remodeled check it out

March 18, 2010

The photo gallery on our web page had been neglected for a long time, because we were too busy with other projects, like getting ready for our Saturday morning Photography and Photoshop classes. But I finally took some time between shoots, mentoring projects at the local vocational school and session edits to update the page. […]

Basic Studio Lighting and Posing Class has Been Scheduled

February 8, 2010

Wayne Denmark will be teaching the next class on “basic studio lighting and posing“.  He calls it basic because it is to him, but for the rest of it is far from basic. The morning session will consist of setting up your lights, your transmitters & receivers, positioning one light then multiple lights.  Once you […]

Studio 715 Classes to Start January 30, 2010

January 15, 2010

Our first class will be a workshop taught by Wayne Denmark of Denmarks Photography founder of STUDIO 715.   This workshop is an introduction to studio and studio equipment.  What does it take to equip a studio; what does the equipment add to the studio; what equipment can you build yourself, etc.   Wayne will explain it all and answer […]