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Fundamentals of Digital Photography Class is on the calendar

March 2, 2011

Back by popular demand, the Fundamentals of Digital Photography Class has been put back on the schedule. This is a two part class first in the studio classroom for an intensive digital photography lesson which dissects the various digital photography issues, terms, and equipment. Then we leave the studio and head out into the neighborhood […]

The Fundamentals Class and a Practical Exercise 01/15/11

January 6, 2011

SO YOU RECEIVED A NEW CAMERA OVER THE HOLIDAYS!! NOW WHAT, HOW DO I USE IT, HOW DO GET THE PICTURES ONTO MY COMPUTER? Our Fundamentals of Digital Photography class is designed to introduce anyone to their new digital camera. This course will walk you through the basics and teach you the terms you need […]

Basic Photography Class and Practical Field Trip Saturday 12/11/10

December 7, 2010

On Saturday we will be having the Basic Photography Class in Studio 715 then we will take a field trip within walking distance of the studio for practical application of the information we learned in the class earlier in the morning.  Things we will discuss in the morning include, the various types of digital cameras, […]

Our web Page Gallery has been remodeled check it out

March 18, 2010

The photo gallery on our web page had been neglected for a long time, because we were too busy with other projects, like getting ready for our Saturday morning Photography and Photoshop classes. But I finally took some time between shoots, mentoring projects at the local vocational school and session edits to update the page. […]

Next Date for Classes is, Saturday April 3, 2010 starting @ 9:00am

March 17, 2010

There will be two classes on this date. The morning class is the basic photography class, “So you bought a camera, now what do I do with it???!!!!” “Why are my pictures printing weird colors?????” The afternoon session is the Basics of Photoshop (PS) and Bridge how do I set the software up after installation […]

What does ISO stand for in Photography

February 22, 2010

What does ISO stand for in photography is one of the most asked questions by new photographers and new students. The term originated in the film days and was used to measure the films sensitivity to light. At one time the “film speed” was referred to as the films “ASA”, then it was changed to […]

So, you have a new digital camera, now what?

February 12, 2010

You just recently received your new digital camera, now you want to figure out what all the buttons are, what the settings are, why my pictures are coming out weird colors, how to put my photos on the internet or share them with family and friends .  STUDIO 715, presents the Basic Digital Photography Class […]

Photoshop Set UP Classes are now scheduled

January 26, 2010

We have scheduled our Bridge and Photoshop setup classes for February 6th and 7th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.  These sessions are scheduled so if you can’t make the one on Saturday night you can make the one on Sunday night.  The same material will be covered on both nights, it is a repeat not a […]