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Dagnabit, I just deleted a bunch of important photos or documents, *^(*^$%&*^&*^

Have you ever deleted a photo by accident, how about a whole card full of photos after a family reunion or other important event?  If this has happened to you, stop what you are doing, don’t try to make any changes to the camera or the memory card and give me a call.  I may be able to retrieve many if not all of your photos as long as you haven’t taken more pictures on the same card.

I recently helped a customer who had deleted photos of her new born grandson.  I heard she had committed the error and asked her to let me try to get those photos back for her.  I not only retrieved the ones she wanted and a whole bunch more that she had forgotten about and was glad to see them again in her collection.  I was able to retrieve over 800 of her deleted treasures. This service is priced based on the size of you memory card and starts at $53.75 including tax for a two Gigabyte card.

Give me a call, 850.251.4912, or email me at before you attempt any other actions.


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