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New Two Day On-Site Photo Session Planning Class

Location: STUDIO 715
Description: This class will be conducted in two parts on two days.

Part One-in Studio 715, the Classroom portion will consist of approximately two hours of planning for a remote photo session including:  What equipment preparations have to be made, what equipment will be taken to the remote session, how to plan your session and then execution of the plan.

This session will start a 6:30pm on Friday 08/20/2010 and finish around 8:30pm or so.  If you just want to participate in this session only, the cost is $49.00 including taxes.  If you participate in both sessions the cost will be $80.00 including taxes.

Part two will be an actual on location photo session in a local park,  the park location will be disclosed on the morning of the session.  Some of you will know the location, others of you will be surprised at not knowing this location was here in Tallahassee and you were not aware of the park.  This photo session will have opportunities for natural North Florida Environmental vistas, as well as aquatic scenes.

We will meet at STUDIO 715 at 8:00am on Saturday 08/21/2010 and will leave for the park at 8:15am.  We will remain on-location until 12:00 noon. You may want to bring wading shoes and a couple of towels.

The cost to participate in only this session is $49.00 including taxes.  For this session please make sure that you bring plenty of water, and pack a lunch or snacks to hold you over until you get somewhere for lunch after the session.  Please remember to bring your camera equipment, bug spray and sun screen lotion.

This is a family friendly photo session.

We look forward to this exciting photo session, it should be informative and an excellent learning experience for each of you.

To reserve your spot in either of these sessions, please email me at: or call me at 850.251.4912 if you have any immediate questions.

Frank & Wayne


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