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Archive for August 2010

Dagnabit, I just deleted a bunch of important photos or documents, *^(*^$%&*^&*^

August 16, 2010

Have you ever deleted a photo by accident, how about a whole card full of photos after a family reunion or other important event?  If this has happened to you, stop what you are doing, don’t try to make any changes to the camera or the memory card and give me a call.  I may […]

New Two Day On-Site Photo Session Planning Class

August 6, 2010

Location: STUDIO 715 Description: This class will be conducted in two parts on two days. Part One-in Studio 715, the Classroom portion will consist of approximately two hours of planning for a remote photo session including:  What equipment preparations have to be made, what equipment will be taken to the remote session, how to plan […]