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So, you have a new digital camera, now what?

You just recently received your new digital camera, now you want to figure out what all the buttons are, what the settings are, why my pictures are coming out weird colors, how to put my photos on the internet or share them with family and friends .  STUDIO 715, presents the Basic Digital Photography Class for those who are new to digital photography.  This class will be taught by Frank Feliciano a certified instructor and commercial professional photographer.

Frank will take you through the basics from understanding your camera functions to formatting your photos for print and email.      Please bring your camera and the camera manual so we can research camera specific questions or issues for you.

The lesson presentation will take about an hour and a half to two hours, then we will address questions from the participants.   You will also get a chance to meet with others who are new to photography and exchange war stories. For private group classes of just your family and friends call Frank or Wayne and we will accommodate your group, minimum of 10 people for private groups, please.

The price of admission is $49.00, we currently accept cash or local checks.  The class will start at 6:30pm on Wednesday March 3, 2010 and will go until 9:30pm or until all the questions are answered.  This class will be repeated several times this year because we have limited space available.  So if you want to improve your photography to the next level, register early by calling either Frank Feliciano @ 850.251.4912 or Wayne Denmark @ 850.570.7771.  You can find a map to STUDIO 715 by scrolling down on this page to previous posts about events at STUDIO 715.  See you at the studio, stop by and visit with us if you are curious.  We are open 9:00am to 5:00pm week days and on weekends by appointment.


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