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Back by popular demand, the Fundamentals of Digital Photography Class has been put back on the schedule. This is a two part class first in the studio classroom for an intensive digital photography lesson which dissects the various digital photography issues, terms, and equipment. Then we leave the studio and head out into the neighborhood around the studio and experience the various lighting conditions and scenes encountered on a location photography session.

The price for this class is $79 including tax. Seating is limited to 15 so call and reserve your seat in this popular class.

I can be reached at: 850.251.4912


We have again scheduled the Fundamentals of Digital Photography Class for Saturday 01/29/11 from 9:00am to 3:00pm. For details go to and click on the Class Schedule link to the left side of the page. Limited space is available so sign up soon by emailing me at:

We look forward to seeing you there…As always we are never too busy for any of your referrals. Referrals are the life line of our business thanks again for your patronage.






Our Fundamentals of Digital Photography class is designed to introduce anyone to their new digital camera. This course will walk you through the basics and teach you the terms you need to know in order to take great pictures; so that you can change your camera settings for various conditions you may encounter; so you can set up your camera to take pictures that do not have weird color casts and so that they will print properly on your home printer, at a local printer service, or so that they will appear correctly on your web page or on your social networking site.

The class is scheduled to start a 9:00am and to go through until 3:00pm, however, if there is good student participation and lots of questions we will go as long as is needed. Please bring your camera, lenses (if you have any additional lenses) and most importantly don’t forget your users manual in case you have specific questions about your equipment.

During the on-site portion of the class we will leave the studio located on the Railroad Avenue across from the Residence Inn and adjacent to the Shell Gas Station. We are not located in Railroad Square. We will take a short walk to various areas around the studio and practice what we learned earlier in the morning session. Lunch will be on your own.

The price for this class is $79.00 dollars for both sessions, please make checks payable to FotosByFeliciano. Seating is limited so make sure you reserve your seat by emailing me at: You can also address any questions you may have to that address.


On Saturday we will be having the Basic Photography Class in Studio 715 then we will take a field trip within walking distance of the studio for practical application of the information we learned in the class earlier in the morning.  Things we will discuss in the morning include, the various types of digital cameras, various digital camera settings, photography terms, and much more to help you overcome photo disasters.

The cost is $79.00 including tax.  Bring your camera and your camera’s user’s manual in case we need to answer questions specific to your equipment.  The class will start in the studio at 9:00am, lunch will be on your own and then we will walk from the studio to several photogenic areas near the studio.

Studio 715 is located acroos from the Residence Inn on Railroad Avenue and next door to the Shell Gas Station on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Gaines Street.

Please call me for reservations at 850.251.4912 or email me at Seating is limited so make your reservation early.


Have you ever deleted a photo by accident, how about a whole card full of photos after a family reunion or other important event?  If this has happened to you, stop what you are doing, don’t try to make any changes to the camera or the memory card and give me a call.  I may be able to retrieve many if not all of your photos as long as you haven’t taken more pictures on the same card.

I recently helped a customer who had deleted photos of her new born grandson.  I heard she had committed the error and asked her to let me try to get those photos back for her.  I not only retrieved the ones she wanted and a whole bunch more that she had forgotten about and was glad to see them again in her collection.  I was able to retrieve over 800 of her deleted treasures. This service is priced based on the size of you memory card and starts at $53.75 including tax for a two Gigabyte card.

Give me a call, 850.251.4912, or email me at before you attempt any other actions.

Location: STUDIO 715
Description: This class will be conducted in two parts on two days.

Part One-in Studio 715, the Classroom portion will consist of approximately two hours of planning for a remote photo session including:  What equipment preparations have to be made, what equipment will be taken to the remote session, how to plan your session and then execution of the plan.

This session will start a 6:30pm on Friday 08/20/2010 and finish around 8:30pm or so.  If you just want to participate in this session only, the cost is $49.00 including taxes.  If you participate in both sessions the cost will be $80.00 including taxes.

Part two will be an actual on location photo session in a local park,  the park location will be disclosed on the morning of the session.  Some of you will know the location, others of you will be surprised at not knowing this location was here in Tallahassee and you were not aware of the park.  This photo session will have opportunities for natural North Florida Environmental vistas, as well as aquatic scenes.

We will meet at STUDIO 715 at 8:00am on Saturday 08/21/2010 and will leave for the park at 8:15am.  We will remain on-location until 12:00 noon. You may want to bring wading shoes and a couple of towels.

The cost to participate in only this session is $49.00 including taxes.  For this session please make sure that you bring plenty of water, and pack a lunch or snacks to hold you over until you get somewhere for lunch after the session.  Please remember to bring your camera equipment, bug spray and sun screen lotion.

This is a family friendly photo session.

We look forward to this exciting photo session, it should be informative and an excellent learning experience for each of you.

To reserve your spot in either of these sessions, please email me at: or call me at 850.251.4912 if you have any immediate questions.

Frank & Wayne


Wayne Denmark has scheduled two Dramatic Lighting classes (these are great studio lessons, I enjoy helping him put this one on and watching people’s reactions when they get to practice what they have learned) one on Saturday May 15th and the other on Saturday May 22th, his classes are $125 per participant and it is a full day class from 9:00am to 5:00pm. While I will be teaching the fundamentals of digital photography on Saturday May 29th a half day class from 9:00am to 12 noon at a cost of $49.00 including tax.

The feedback we have received on these classes have been fantastic. Hope to see you at a class real soon.

Frank & Wayne


The Basic Photography Class is nearly full, if you are interested in participating, please call me now. The class starts at 9:00am and runs until 12:00 noon. We are covering all the basics on cameras, settings and photographic terms which tend to confuse people. The class is only $49.00 including tax. Bring your camera, the camera manual and cash or check.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at: 850.251.4912.

Don’t forget if you are interested in shopping for photographic equipment or books start your shopping experience at our online store at:

As always we are never too busy for any of your referrals.

Frank and Chad


The photo gallery on our web page had been neglected for a long time, because we were too busy with other projects, like getting ready for our Saturday morning Photography and Photoshop classes. But I finally took some time between shoots, mentoring projects at the local vocational school and session edits to update the page. Please check it out at your convenience and let me know what you think. Thank you for your patronage.

Frank & Chad


There will be two classes on this date. The morning class is the basic photography class, “So you bought a camera, now what do I do with it???!!!!” “Why are my pictures printing weird colors?????” The afternoon session is the Basics of Photoshop (PS) and Bridge how do I set the software up after installation onto the computer to work efficiently and quickly for me. Most new PS users open the box install the software and start editing. There are custom settings which will help the user obtain better results.

The morning class goes from 9:00 to 12:00, lunch is on your own and the afternoon class starts at 1:00 and runs till 4:00. If you take one class the cost is $49.00 if you take both classes we will discount them to $85.00. Please bring check or cash.

Bring your camera and the camera manual, but not your laptop. It is too cumbersome to try and keep everyone up to speed with various computers, speeds, and user technical expertise. If you would like some assistance after the class we will try to address any particular issues you may have.

We look forward to helping you with your photography endeavors whatever they may be. And don’t forget to visit our online store at: